Addiction Myths

Common Myths About Addiction

It is difficult to understand why some people become addicted while others do not. Some of the common myths surrounding addiction and recovery are based on societies beliefs that are a little off base. These incorrect ideas about addiction make it difficult for addicts to get help because of the shame and guilt they feel. Some of the common myths about addiction include:

  • Addiction is voluntary
  • Addiction is a character flaw
  • Addicts have to hit rock bottom before they'll get help
  • People who relapse are hopeless
  • Plus many more

Contrary to what most people believe, common addiction myths rarely bear the truth. The recovery coaches at HelpNest are available 24 hours a day to help you understand the truth about addiction. They will help you assess your individual situation and develop an  addiction recovery plan specific to your unique needs.

Myth #1: Addiction is Voluntary

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use. Although the initial choice to take drugs is voluntary for most people, the brain changes that take place over time challenge a person’s self- control and ability to resist intense impulses urging them to take drugs.

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Myth #2: Addiction is a Character Flaw

Regardless of education, social status, or personality, addiction is a disease that changes how the brain functions. Quitting takes more than a strong personality, good intentions or just will power. In fact, because drugs change the brain in ways that create compulsive drug abuse, quitting is very difficult, even for those who are ready to quit.

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Myth #3: Addicts Don't Want Help

An addict doesn’t have to hit rock bottom to want recovery help. There are many motivations for an addict to seek substance abuse treatment including pressure from family members, employers and friends, as well as a personal recognition that they have a problem.

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Myth #4: Addicts Are Hopeless

Relapse is a very serious problem with recovery addicts but it does not mean they are hopeless, just human. How many times do people diet and “fall off the wagon”? Our  recovery coaches are there from beginning to end to help individuals find their path to long lasting recovery.

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Addiction Resources for Addiction Treatment

Addiction Resources

HelpNest is dedicated to helping individuals, families and employers find answers to their questions about the addiction myths, treatment and life long recovery for addicts. Below is more addiction information that covers a variety of topics to assist individuals in understanding the cause and affect of addiction.

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We Love Our Clients and They Love Us

They also took the time to get to know my son and the situation my family was in. In doing so they were able to find the best treatment facility for my son. They helped us to locate the resources to get my son into treatment. We are so very thankful for all their knowledge and compassion in this complicated situation Holly, Concerned Mother
My family had pretty much given up on me because I had tried to quit 4-5 times over the past few years and had always started drinking within days. Well, soon it will be my 3rd year sober for me and it truly is a miracle. I am so grateful for my life today, and I will always be so thankful to HelpNest and everyone who played a part in my recovery! Jody, Alcoholic, Addict
I have recently returned to the treatment facility where I got sober. Only this time as an employee. I am now helping others who suffer from this terrible disease. Who would have thought it possible? There is hope. There is a solution. HelpNest will help, if you are willing. Shauna B. , Alcoholic
HelpNest gave me the hope, guidance and support I so desperately needed to face reality. Because of them, I can be clean and sober and live a happy carefree life today. I have my family back, but most of all, I’m back. It all starts with honesty and the willingness to make a change. Shauna B., Alcoholic
Helpnest didn’t just walk away, they continue to check on him and monitor his progress. We feel that our family has been saved due to the amazing efforts of this organization. Holly, Concerned Mother
[John from HelpNest] helped me decide what my plans were for after detox. John did all the calling, trying to setup my financing, setting everything up with the treatment center. John helped me get into a facility and also called and spoke to my family. It just amazed me that someone who didn’t even know me would go out of their way to help me like that. Jody, Alcoholic, Addict

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Whether you choose HelpNest recovery coaching to help you or your loved one on the path to recovery, we want to help you understand the truth about addiction and the addiction resources and options available to you. Call us today, because the only time you can start the addiction recovery process is right now. Take the first step today with a free, confidential consultation.

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