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HelpNest Addiction Recovery of  Heather Apo, TX

Business Development & Recovery Coach

Heather Apo has worked as a substance abuse counselor and has also done volunteer work in several recovery advocacy groups at the local and state level. She has worked with state politicians advocating for progressive treatment funding as well as for Prison reforms for addicts. She has knowledge of both real life and professional experience of the process of recovery. Heather believes that process is a design for living that takes time and guidance by people who have a mix of that experience. She states: “Recovery is not a journey that ends in 30-90 days, and it isn’t just a chance to get sober. It is the opportunity to change one’s lifestyle. I am an addict in recovery who was given the opportunity to earn back a life that is happy and productive. This happened because I had people that guided me along the way. I keep what I have by continuing to give back what was given to me. This is not only something I have learned by education or because I have letters behind my name; this is a solution I believe in strongly because I have lived it”.

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