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HelpNest Addiction Recovery of  John Misrasi, 0

Executive Director & co-founder of HelpNest

John has been involved in addiction recovery for 16 years. He owned and operated behavioral health and addiction treatment centers for 6 years where he was also a counselor and interventionist. John is a nationally certified Interventionist, Counselor, III, and a Master Recovery Coach. John is a native of Utah, however he spent 17 years in the Washington, D.C. area as an executive in the communications field prior to returning to Utah in 2000 to pursue his passion of helping others who suffer from the disease of addiction and alcoholism. His great passion and vision for a better recovery model has resulted in the success and growth of HelpNest and has helped advance the methods and modalities of traditional treatment models resulting in much greater recovery success rates for those affected by the disease.

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