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Most people don’t realize how many wonderful programs, treatment providers, and services are out there for those seeking help with overcoming addiction. Our expert recovery coaches are aware of them, and they want to share their expertise with you. Once we have worked with you to craft your custom recovery plan for your or your loved one’s path to recovery, we’ll help you understand all the options available for medical care, rehabilitation facilities, and rehabilitation counselors. We’re proud to serve as rehabilitation specialists for our clients, helping them find the facilities and counselors that fit with their specific recovery needs and challenges.

Our recovery coaches are ready to help you find the right rehabilitation counselors, medical treatment facilities, and other recovery resources for your specific needs. Let us help you find your own HelpNest path to lasting, stable recovery. Contact us today for more information about our treatment consulting and recovery coaching services.

Treatment Can Work. Let Us Help.

They also took the time to get to know my son and the situation my family was in. In doing so they were able to find the best treatment facility for my son. They helped us to locate the resources to get my son into treatment. We are so very thankful for all their knowledge and compassion in this complicated situation Holly, Concerned Mother
My family had pretty much given up on me because I had tried to quit 4-5 times over the past few years and had always started drinking within days. Well, soon it will be my 3rd year sober for me and it truly is a miracle. I am so grateful for my life today, and I will always be so thankful to HelpNest and everyone who played a part in my recovery! Jody, Alcoholic, Addict
I have recently returned to the treatment facility where I got sober. Only this time as an employee. I am now helping others who suffer from this terrible disease. Who would have thought it possible? There is hope. There is a solution. HelpNest will help, if you are willing. Shauna B. , Alcoholic
HelpNest gave me the hope, guidance and support I so desperately needed to face reality. Because of them, I can be clean and sober and live a happy carefree life today. I have my family back, but most of all, I’m back. It all starts with honesty and the willingness to make a change. Shauna B., Alcoholic
Helpnest didn’t just walk away, they continue to check on him and monitor his progress. We feel that our family has been saved due to the amazing efforts of this organization. Holly, Concerned Mother
[John from HelpNest] helped me decide what my plans were for after detox. John did all the calling, trying to setup my financing, setting everything up with the treatment center. John helped me get into a facility and also called and spoke to my family. It just amazed me that someone who didn’t even know me would go out of their way to help me like that. Jody, Alcoholic, Addict

HelpNest Addiction Recovery of  Bruce Heller, 0

Director of Coaching

Bruce received his National Certifications as a Master Recovery Coach and Certified Addictions Counselor II with the N.A.D.A.I Bruce has 7 years experience working in the field of recovery and substance abuse. He has a strong passion to assist his clients in their recovery processes in a loving, caring and professional manner. Bruce started his own recovery in 2003 and has been very involved in the 12 step community. He enjoys his friends, family, nature, snow skiing, and riding his motorcycle.