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At HelpNest, our recovery coaches' goal is to work with our clients to find the path to recovery that will provide them with the highest possible likelihood of stable recovery. And once we've discovered that path, we accompany them and their loved ones each and every step of the way. Our recovery services in are custom, meaning that each of our clients' recovery plan is uniquely built around his or her specific needs, challenges, and strengths. Our recovery services are also comprehensive, meaning that our custom recovery plans cover each and every treatment, focus, and resource needed to give our recovery coaching clients their best possible opportunity for a recovery that lasts.

Even with expert help, recovery is incredibly difficult. On your own, it can seem impossible. Our recovery coaches are trained and certified intervention specialists, meaning they can help you take the important first step of confronting the addict with the consequences of his or her substance abuse. We are also intimately familiar for the medical treatment and rehabilitation services in the area. We understand their methodologies and their philosophies, so we're able to match you with the right rehab facilities and substance abuse counselors for your specific needs. All the while, we'll stay with you, helping you understand and overcome addiction one step and one day at a time.

Recovery Counseling

Intervention Services

After planning, intervention is the first step toward recovery. A intervention is the beginning of clear, honest communication with the addict about how his or her behavior affects others. It gives the addict the opportunity to choose to get treatment in and pursue recovery instead of continuing to use and hurt others.

We'll help you plan and execute a intervention to help your loved one know his or her options, and we'll arrange to provide immediate transportation to a treatment facility.

Treatment Assistance

There are so many options for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and substance abuse counseling in , that it can seem impossible to make the right decision. We've done the research, and we have the experience to match you with the best facility for your specific recovery needs.

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Recovery Coaching

The road to recovery doesn't begin and end in a rehab facility. Even after you've received inpatient treatment and/or outpatient substance abuse counseling, you'll need to transition into a new "normal life." Our recovery coaches will be there to help you transition and develop the skills you need.

Our recovery coach in will help you as you seek employment, repair family relationships, and build a new recovery-friendly social structure. HelpNest won't quit on you.

Other Recovery Services

recovery coaching from HelpNest includes everything you need to develop and maintain stable recovery. Some more included services include:

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